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BSNL is about to take 4G in each village of this country within the next year

As part of the government’s 4G saturation program, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, a state-owned telecommunications provider, is working to bring high-speed broadband access to every village in the country within the next year. This was announced by Telecom Secretary K Rajaraman. 

The Bharat Net initiative is exploring the possibility of installing such an optic fiber network in rural regions to complement 4G access. The Department of Technology is now making plans to extend the Bharatnet network to each of India’s 6 lakh villages. 

We’ve been able to connect nearly 1.9 million homes through the Bharat Net program, & our goal is to connect 2.2 million homes by the mid of next year,” said K. Rajaraman. BSNL has already awarded agreements for passive infrastructure. Active infrastructure contracts are now being finalized. 

The secretary added that building operations, such as constructing gas and water pipelines, cause at least four cuts each 1000 kilometers each month in the fiber network. In a select number of states, the government is implementing a policy intervention to ensure that fiber network owners are notified whenever excavation is done. This will allow the network owners & excavators to coordinate efforts to minimize disruptions to the network.


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