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BFGPU Perfected The Founders Edition Review Of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 24 GB “Ada”

NVIDIA has released its Ada Lovelace graphics processing unit (GPU) this year, continuing its practice of releasing a new graphics architecture every two years. The Ada GPU extends Turing’s original work. The Ada Lovelace GPUs are a quantum leap over Ampere, according to NVIDIA, as well as the GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition, which is built on the NVIDIA Ampere GPU, is superior to the previous generation in every way. 

Both the new RTX family and the Ada GPU architecture are discussed at length in this evaluation. Shader performance, ray tracing performance, & AI performance are all improved on the Ada family of processors. Ada is a game-changing product with a ton of impressive metrics since it is built on a completely new process node and has architecture that was designed from the ground up. 

Ada was built on the premise that NVIDIA could apply the lessons it had learned from its Turing and Ampere architectures to a new performance class, and not just improve upon them. Last month, NVIDIA unveiled its Ada lineup with up to 4x performance claims, and we’ll find out whether NVIDIA hit all the ticks with its Ada architecture as this review will serve as your leading road to learn what makes Ada and how it performs in comparison to its predecessors. 

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2090 Founders Edition is the subject of today’s review. NVIDIA has generously given the card for this evaluation, and we intend to thoroughly examine its technology, design, & performance characteristics. 

Turing wasn’t just another graphics core; it was the cornerstone for future graphics processing units. Next-generation gaming consoles are already here, and developers are discussing cutting-edge technologies like ray tracing & AI-assisted super-sampling in great detail. Starting with Turing and Ampere, NVIDIA has a significant head start, and the company’s next-generation Ada products will be infinitely more capable. 

The Ada GPU can perform many of the standard operations expected of a GPU, but it can also do things that have never been done before on a GPU. In brief, below are some of the features:

  • New Turing Tensor Cores
  • New Streaming Multiprocessor (SM)
  • New Real-Time Ray Tracing 
  • New Shading Enhancements
  • Acceleration
  • New GDDR6X High-Performance New Deep Learning Features For Graphics & Inference
  • Next-Gen NVENC/NVDEC & New HDMI 2.1 Display Engine
  • Memory Subsystem


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