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Best Crypto Games to Play in December 2022

In 2021, the market of video games worldwide reached INR 15 trillion. Moreover we can say that cryptocurrency will have a bigger role as more players around the world immerse themselves in online gaming universes. Several games have already adopted the cryptocurrency into their gameplay economies. Play-to-earn games compensate players in cryptocurrencies or digital tokens according to their performance or time spent playing the game. Gamers can benefit from their talent or interest in gaming by earning cryptocurrencies. Below are the best 5 Crypto Games to Play at year end.


GamerPe is a platform where gamers engage and interact to fulfill their gaming needs – monetary, social, and lifestyle. Gamers will be able to interact with other gamers to collaborate and improve, make their teams, sell their Game accounts (profiles), trade their gaming items, participate in different gaming events, and post gaming information in communities. Gamers can set their goals, track their progress, prepare their daily, and weekly schedules, and a lot more. This platform will have a perform-to-earn feature allowing users to earn an in-app virtual currency by performing activities like playing, reviewing, and testing other games, participating in surveys, etc. This in-app virtual currency will be redeemable in money equivalent terms to be utilized across multiple use cases and across the larger gaming ecosystem.


Bowled.io is first cricket-based Play-to-Earn game, an ecosystem of assets where users can compete against each other on user-owned teams. Bowled.io would enable the fans to use Cricket-related skills and reap exciting social and economic benefits. Their core aim is to develop an innovative model where users can deploy their knowledge and passion for the game. Bowled.io is thought to possess all of the necessary characteristics to become many people’s initial point of contact with blockchain-related content and tokens in the cricket games vertical and beyond.

Lucky block

One of the most popular play-to-earn crypto games, Lucky Block combines classic lottery with the NFT world gaming system. It means that the game gathers a long list of players and generations willing to try something new wrapped in familiar concepts. The game is a special ecosystem based on fair and transparent Play2 Earn gaming models. It is based on a lottery system built on the blockchain protocol. Players should not worry about fairness and transparency when this game is. The system is made to provide safety and control over the whole process of gaming. Nobody can manipulate or predefine the game, internally or externally. Thanks to the fact that the game is globalized, you can play with people worldwide.

Gods unchained

Players who love collectible card games will feel right at home when playing “Gods Unchained.” The cards in Gods Unchained have a close resemblance to the Ethereum-based game — Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone. Gamers earn in-game items through the PVP gameplay battling with players. With every win, a player who collected Flux can craft unique digital collectibles and NFT cards which translate into an instant value.


Gamerji is an eSports tournament platform where there are daily matches conducted for games such as Clash Royale, Call of Duty, Free Fire etc. Gamerji works with a vision to have a platform where gamers can compete, share content & win prizes. With features such as group chat, leader board, videos & gaming profile, Gamerji aims to enhance the experience of gamers and provide them with a single platform to maintain their gaming stats. Founded by fellow gamers & young entrepreneurs, Gamerji is constantly working towards the growth of eSports industry in India.


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