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Apple may begin using its own screens in its devices as early as 2024, according to reports.

According to a recent news report, Apple Inc. is planning to use its own custom-made displays in its mobile devices starting in 2024 as part of an effort to bring more components in-house. The company reportedly plans to begin this transition by replacing the display in its high-end Apple Watches by the end of 2022, with the goal of eventually incorporating these displays into other devices, such as the iPhone.

According to the report, Apple plans to enhance its OLED standard screens with a technology called microLED, which is expected to be used in its devices from 2024. Additionally, the company also intends to replace Broadcom Inc’s chips in its devices with an in-house design by 2025, in a move to reduce its reliance on other chipmakers. Apple has already been working on this strategy, as it has already adopted its own line of chips for recent models of Mac computers, replacing those from Intel Corp.


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