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Appitsimple Infotek introduces 2 new products offering innovative solutions for businesses in private calling & SaaS management

Appitsimple Infotek, a leading cloud telephony platform offering innovative software products to solve SaaS-related problems for businesses, has launched two new products. The Ahmedabad-based company has introduced 2nd Number and ControlHippo, which offer businesses seamless private calling numbers and facilitate frictionless monitoring of SaaS applications. With the new offerings, the platform targets to address the growing demand for private calling and SaaS management in the country.

The new product launch comes amid growing demand for private calling by companies and enterprises who want an effective solution to manage their business and personal calls separately. To cater to this demand, Appitsimple Infotek has launched 2nd Number, which will help entrepreneurs get a second phone number and a private line for texts and calls. In addition, the second product– ControlHippo– is another revolutionary platform that will help businesses gain complete visibility of all their SaaS applications and provide seamless monitoring to ensure compliance.

“We have always focused on building products that solve existing SaaS-related problems faced by businesses. Our newly launched product ControlHippo is a SaaS management platform that helps organizations simplify their work with digital products. It is a free SMP tool. The USP of this product is that other companies give it for per-user pricing, but ours is free. 2nd Number is a private calling app that offers numerous functions with one of the lowest calling plans without a SIM card. No other competitor offers such great functionalities at this price. We believe that positive disruption can bring a lot of change and the new products are in line with our strategy to provide out-of-the-box software solutions, especially post-pandemic,” says Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala, Co-Founder and CEO at Appitsimple Infotek Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Dudhwewala firmly believes that these new products will get the same response as was received by CallHippo and SoftwareSuggest, the existing products offered by the platform. He further said that the 2nd Number would enable entrepreneurs to make calls and work from anywhere. Through ControlHippo, businesses can save 20% on their SaaS spending by reducing SaaS wastage.

The company started in 2014 with the mission and vision to build products that solve existing SaaS-related problems and disrupt the industry. Its first flagship product SoftwareSuggest was introduced in 2017 to simplify software selection for businesses and received a warm response. The company’s second product– CallHippo, was launched in the same year to give a better telephony experience via cloud telephony or VoIP. With a 150-member strong team, Appitsimple Infotek is aiming to double revenues.

The company is relentlessly engaged in building SaaS infrastructure and cloud telephony solutions to help Indian companies go global and enhance business communication. With over 4,000 subscribers in India and abroad, Appitsimple Infotek endeavors to expand its operations in the US, UK, Canada, Asia-Pacific, and European markets.

Starting its journey on a humble note, Appitsimple Infotek has a market share of USD 10 million in revenue today and is growing exponentially. It is one of the fastest-growing bootstrapped startups in the country and has done it with limited resources, according to Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala. The newly launched products have a high potential to bring about better operational efficiency and give firms an instant competitive advantage. The latest digital products will further revolutionize and simplify how organizations do business in a digitally charged environment full of disruptive technologies.


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