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Adani Data Networks applies for Universal License in six circles 

According to government sources, Adani Data Networks has filed for a universal coverage services license (UASL) in six of the eight circles in which the business has purchased frequency in the recently finished auction.

Because it was not a licensee at the time of the spectrum auction, Adani Enterprises must now obtain one in order to comply with regulations.

Adani Data Networks can provide mobility services in all six circles if it obtains a license to do so under the Universal Access to Services Act. But they said they have no ambitions to expand into the consumer mobility market. Kindly remember that our objective is not to participate in the customer mobility industry,” the Adani Group told ET. In addition, the business alluded to a previous statement in which it indicated it had acquired the airwaves in order to deploy its proprietary networks.

For 212 crore, the firm purchased 400 MHz of spectrum in the 26 GHz frequency (millimeter wave band). The states of Gujarat and Mumbai each allocated 100 MHz, while the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, & Tamil Nadu all allocated 50 MHz.

It made the initial payment of 18.9 crores to the Department of Social Development for the purchase of spectrum on August 8th.

Since the corporation acquired the bandwidth in the auction, it must obtain a license in order to legally operate. Businesses that have a license or provide an undertaking to obtain a license after the auction were the only ones allowed to participate, as stated in the notification inviting application (NIA) issued prior to the beginning of the auction.

The 5G spectrum auction took place from July 26 to August 1, and Adani was the only new participant.

The company previously announced its intention to bid in the 5G wireless spectrum so that it could provide secure network solutions & improved cyber security for the group’s airports, ports, logistics operations, power plants, transmission lines, distribution centers, and other factories.

Moreover, the company had stated that ultra-high quality data streaming functionality via a high & low 5G network would be required across all our businesses as they constructed their own digital platform consisting of super apps, edge data centers, and industrial control and command centers.


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