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Year Ender Quotes by Industry Leaders (FinTech)

Pramey Jain, CEO & CoFounder, Tartan

“Overall it has been a positive year with the muchneeded regulatory push and everything was bullish throughout the year. Most of the clients are Fintechs who have seen great addition to their product demand and usage, thanks to more awareness and general openness and the success of UPI, opening up new possibilities for the industry. Returning back to work after covid 19 and hiring in a difficult market was a challenge for every startup out there. The industry as a whole has come together with more partnerships and generally helping each other. In recent months the economic downturn and macro situation have certainly put a dent and slowed things down generally but we also know that this is the market correction that was needed.

We also will see the following trends in 2023 namely: Increase in adoption of new age fintech products; Data being more important (account aggregators) and a Greater push from the government for fintech and the general startup ecosystem.

In terms of our outlook for 2023, the situation is not as grim as it sounds, there is a course correction which is currently happening and for the greater good. India as a country is not on the recession horizon as of now and more and more young startups are looking to build. Downturns are generally seen as the time to build and we will be focusing on just that.

Prakash Nagarajan is the CEO & Founder of Investmates

Postpandemic, Indian investors in stocks, MF, and crypto has been increased by 5x. Currently, the Indian investing scenario stands at more than 10 crores in numbers based on recent Demat account numbers. The Indian crypto investors stand strongly at 10 crores further. Encompassing all, the overall active investors still stand at less than 10% of the Indian population. The growth potential is evident in the Indian stock and crypto scenario.

Shesh Rao Paplikar, CEO & CoFounder, BHIVE Group

The year 2022 has proven to be an extremely effective year for coworking on the back of corporates looking at the OpEx model from CaPex and hybrid work environment. With adequate infrastructure & evolving business requirements, the coworking sector has disrupted the startup ecosystem and the CRE sector at large. The coworking or managed office sector witnessed the maximum increase in the share of total transactions from 6% in quarter three of 2021 to 23% in quarter three of this year. Volumes transacted by this sector grew 380% year on year, as per the report.

The flexible workspace revolution has begun, and 2023 will prove to be a gamechanger for the commercial real estate sector. With the industry expected to grow further in the coming year, the sector poses an immense potential for growth. Key trends expected to drive the sector growth include evolving business models, increasing investor activity and deeper geographical expansion with increased efficiency across existing markets. Tailormade solutions will be at the heart of coworking spaces, with an increasing need for customization across SMEs and multinationals.


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