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Year Ender Quote by Yoshita Sengupta

“In recent years the pandemic brought along a wave of digitization across sectors. This gave a much required boost to newly emerging tech platforms as students were taught via these platforms from the comfort of their homes. But last year has been quite tough for Edtech companies as they started taking a backseat due to the commencement of offline classes. However, the rise of digitization made people more aware of the fact that students today are expected to know basic computing skills which are also a very essential part of their school curriculum. Therefore digitised education is here to stay.  In the recent past the Indian Edtech firms have received funding of $2 Billion which is set to increase in 2023. With government bodies such as NEP also giving fuel to the rising demand of the industry, EdTech providers worldwide should respond to the needs of students and educators in building products that drive change by understanding the challenges within the sector and providing solutions that address the imminent needs of the consumer. 2023 is therefore predicted to be huge for the computing hardware ecosystem since giving access to basic computing skills to ensure every student gets to enjoy digital education is being seen as an urgent need of the hour.”

*Yoshita Sengupta is the COO and one of the four founding members of Selligion Technologies Private Limited. 


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