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The ‘corruption’ Of Older Photos Is A Common Complaint Among Google Photos Users

Several users of Google Photos have expressed their concerns with the fact that their older images have been “corrupted.” 

Users of Google Photos who scrolled through their photo libraries going back several years have reportedly seen photographs in recent days that can best be described as “corrupted.” This info comes from 9To5Google. 

According to the article, people started seeing that their old photographs (pictures older than around five years) had lines and significant fractures running through them, in addition to other places that were fuzzy or distorted. 

White dots are also a common occurrence. Some images are more damaged than others with seemingly no pattern to what’s impacted or the severity, “it said. 

Those who have been affected claim that the corruption may still be seen after downloading the image. 

It appears that this is the case while utilizing Google Takeout as well as when downloading files individually. However, the edited versions of the photos are the ones that are displayed in the various Google Photos apps. It appears that the original copies of the photos are unlikely to be affected. 

According to the report, it does not seem that every user is affected by this issue, but it does appear to have an effect on a rather substantial proportion of individuals. 

In the meantime, Google has added additional filters to Google Photos this year to assist users in displaying the color of their skin as accurately as possible. 

The technology giant worked on adjusting the camera on the Pixel 6 series of smartphones so that it would more effectively capture the diverse range of human skin tones. This was done so that people could see themselves as they really are in photographs.


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