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Quotes by Industry Leaders on World Mental Health Day

Saritha Kunder, HR, Granicus

Saritha Kunder, HR, Granicus
Saritha Kunder, HR, Granicus


“Our employees are our topmost priority, and we aim at helping them lead a healthy and fulfilling life, not only physically but also mentally. We have crafted our benefits with the objective that the mental and physical well-being of our employees is paramount.

At Granicus, we practice “Wellbeing Wednesdays”. Through our Wellbeing Wednesday initiative, Granicus makes the collective effort to reduce work fatigue and give employees time to recharge with 1x global Unplug Day per quarter and 2x No Meeting Days per quarter. Additionally, Granicus provides a Premium membership to Headspace for meditation and mindfulness practice. The new world has highlighted the importance of mental health support not only for the employees but their families too. Granicus also provides confidential emotional support through Ginger App which is on-demand mental health support 24/7 at no cost to employees and their families (over 18 years of age). They have unlimited access to behavioral health coaching via text-based chat and skill-building exercises

The annual wellness allowance at Granicus is created to appreciate the commitment of employees to Physical health. We want the employees to make the best use of this allowance in the way that suits them best. It can be used towards gym memberships, personal trainers, group classes, home exercise equipment, and more.”.

Suzanne Kinner, Vice President, Human Resources, Black Hawk Network

Suzanne Kinner


“Employee health and wellness have always been important aspects for employers; however as macro conditions continue to impact our lives, the emphasis on employee mental health has grown in importance over the last several years.  It is the responsibility of all leaders to encourage the overall well-being of their employees, and to understand the role mental health plays in promoting a healthy work environment and culture.  At Blackhawk Network, we believe in the holistic well-being of our people and empower employees to blend health and wellness routines with their work schedules and activities.   In our efforts to strengthen organizational trust and foster workforce resiliency, we continue to communicate frequently with our employees and create an environment where they feel comfortable about having open and honest conversations on any matter including topics of mental health.”

Sudhindra Holla, Director, Axis Communications, India and SAARC, Axis Communications

Sudhindra Holla


“The pandemic has in many ways acted as a catalyst to accelerate significant conversations centered at the importance of mental health in all beings, especially employees. Reports by reputed institutions proclaim that 85% of any workforce believe that the organization or their employer plays a pivotal role in supporting the emotional and mental health of the employee, driving principal development and growth. It is in fact, one of the major factors that, make up a holistic working environment and one of the foundational organizational objectives.

At Axis Communications, our priority is in building a wholesome, robust and an all-encompassing environment with progressive employee engagement activities. For instance, we have Fika, a Swedish term for conversation over coffee enabling local & r_emote participation of employees. We also conducted R U OK Day across our branches in India to bring awareness of mental health and to encourage more empathy & compassion at workplace. This initiative is also to check on the emotional & mental well being of employees and to encourage a conversation with a fellow colleague if somebody is feeling low. Axis has many more sustained efforts to eliminate mental or emotional upheavals, imbalances, or any work-place related burnouts.

We believe that the onus is on every organization to respond with compassion and support the voice of the employees through active assistance and mentoring.”


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