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Quote by Shahir Muneer Founder and Director, Divo. on GOI’s recent new guidelines named ‘Endorsement Know Hows’ for celebrities, influencers and virtual media influencers on social media platforms

Quote by Shahir Muneer Founder and Director, Divo. on Endorsement Know Hows

With ASCI guidelines in place, we have seen brands and influencers alike already keep disclosures prominent and active. I think there is close to 70% compliance at least in the top spectrum of top influencers and celebrities. But with the government further issuing these guidelines, and in relation to the Consumer Protection Act, there will have to be more diligence on the same.

I also foresee influencers and brands face risk of consumers filing litigation if failed to do so with more awareness coming to consumers and also if influencers or brands fail to instill this. Brands and Agencies will have to ensure they comply, as a lot of influencers in the market are not legally savvy to know all these compliances, and will need their support to ensure they also do not fall into such risks.

Process-oriented brands and agencies with compliances will definitely implement this, even likely include this as part of their audit, agreements, and furthermore.


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