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Okinawa Autotech announces the opening of its “MEGA FACTORY” to build an EV Ecosystem

Okinawa Autotech has opened a massive facility for electric automobiles with a production capacity of 1 million units annually. This facility open in Karauli city of Rajasthan is anticipated to be India’s biggest, most comprehensive electric two-wheeler plant.

The start of Okinawa Autotech’s giant plant in Karoli, Rajasthan, has been announced. Okinawa Autotech is the top-selling brand of electric two-wheelers in India. It would be one of the most extensive facilities in India and the first effort of its kind by an electric two-wheeler manufacturer in the nation. The huge plant will produce 1 million electric two-wheelers annually in an effort to satisfy the nation’s record-breaking demand for them. Beginning in October 2023, the Karoli unit will be fully operational.

Following the two enormous plants in Rajasthan, this is the company’s third factory. Modern production facilities will be available at the mega plant, which is an important step in developing the nation’s integrated EV ecosystem. More than 5000 people will be employed by this massive facility, which will be sprawled across 30 acres of open space. The Karoli facility will be the biggest, most comprehensive electric two-wheeler plant ever built in India. A hefty 500 crore will be invested in the facility.

This facility will be completely automated for the production of electric two-wheelers and power trains with the goal of “Made in India” and “Made for India” in place. In-house autonomous robotic battery production equipment as well as a motor and controller factory will be part of this facility. To aid the localization of the production process, there will be robotic automation of the moulding of plastic body components and a cutting-edge paint shop, and it will maintain this position through this mega plant.

The plant will play a crucial role in supplying the nation’s unparalleled increase in demand for electric two-wheelers. Additionally, it establishes Okinawa as a leader in the field since it will focus on the innovations required to completely overhaul the industry, such as enhancing the R&D facility, warehouse, and supplier park, in addition to increasing manufacturing to meet the need for electric vehicles.

The massive factory will be the scene of the creation of things for the global future. The production of the whole range of EVs will be carried out from this factory in Karoli, in accordance with the present joint venture with Tacita, which includes of two product lines scooters and motorcycles – both aimed at domestic as well as foreign markets.

One of India’s most rapidly expanding producers of electric two-wheelers is Okinawa Autotech. To accelerate its expansion toward electric mobility with the goal of becoming “Desh Ka EV” (the nation’s favored EV), it is the first firm in the electric two-wheeler market to have a joint venture with a global brand Tacita. Vehicles from Okinawa Autotech are intelligent, inventive, fashionable, cozy, and cost-effective.

Okinawa Autotech is the first Indian business to get a FAME II subsidy from the Indian government, with the goal of putting India on the map of the global EV market with its ground-breaking innovations. It is the first business with a goal of advancing the government’s “Make in India” Initiative and moving the present toward a sustainable future. With a vast network of more than 500 dealers throughout India, Okinawa not only serves metropolises but also Tier-2, Tier-3, and rural areas of the nation.

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