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Is ‘Reality One’ Apple’s AR headgear moniker? May be!

Even though Apple hasn’t officially filed for any trademarks related to its suspected line of augmented reality headgear, Bloomberg News has uncovered new files that may indicate such a set. 

The rumors surrounding Apple’s augmented reality goggles are expected (and basically about as real as anything in augmented or virtual reality). In this case, three USPTO applications, initially seen by Bloomberg, have fueled suspicion that Apple’s “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” & “Reality Processor” may all be part of Apple’s ambitious, yet still speculative, virtual and augmented reality strategy. 

The documents were filed this month by an organization titled “Immersive Health Solutions, LLC.” According to Bloomberg, Apple may use the Delaware firm as a “shell business” to keep its true goals from rivals and the public eye. 

Put another way, it’s plausible that this is Apple, and if so, it is significant since it might be more proof that Apple’s long-rumored Apple Glasses and/or Apple’s VR headset are actually on the way. 

Apple’s developer tools, RealityKit as well as Reality Composer, use the “Reality” name, thus it makes sense for the company to bring the “Reality” name to consumer-facing products as well. 

Further study suggests these are trademarks for three related technologies or products. There could be a “Reality Processor” at its heart. It makes sense for Apple to develop custom silicon for any upcoming virtual reality or augmented reality products, given the company’s dedication to Apple Silicon with all its products (M1 & M2 series). 

Note the inclusion of Virtual & augmented reality headsets, goggles, & glasses. 

The term “virtual and augmented reality headsets, goggles, glasses, and smart glasses” is mentioned alongside “Reality One,” which could refer to a headset, glasses, or an AR-related service (a la AppleOne). 

“Reality Pro” is essentially a rehash of the former, however, it may alternatively refer to Apple’s upcoming virtual reality headgear or a more robust version of Apple Glass. 

Health, fitness, diagnostics, and “Medical” are all terms that are mentioned frequently in both Reality Pro & Reality One. Just to be clear, this is just an application for trademark protection over a wide range of services for a group of mystery goods.


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