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Audio Visual engineering plays a vital role in consultation, designing, integration, installation, and remote management. It can help in providing scalability to MSMEs and Startups.

Analytix Solutions is a one-stop integrated solutions provider delivering high-quality services consistently, cost-effectively, and collaboratively. With extensive domain experience, combined with deep cross-disciplinary industry knowledge and technical expertise, Analytix develops customizable solutions for businesses of all sizes — and helps them navigate obstacles in a rapidly evolving competitive market — by giving them the agility and insights to react to market conditions.

Smesh Chittora is the Assistant Vice President of Engineering and Programming at AV & ESS Division at Analytix Business Solutions, a leading knowledge processing outsourcing provider with a strong presence in India and the US. He was in conversation with fyi9.com where he answered questions about the technology, its scope, and the future ahead. Here is a snippet of the interaction:

Prateek: Please throw some light on your journey with Analytix Solutions.

Smesh Chittora: This is my second stint at Analytix. I knew Analytix when the team size was 55 in India. Analytix has come a long way since then. My second stint has been fantastic. Seeing old faces in new roles and with new responsibilities. For me personally, it has been kind of challenging. Developing a new vertical for engineering and programming and then making it scalable is not easy. Things have moved fast since I rejoined a year ago. There have been a few ups and downs because of the vulnerable market scenario in the AV industry and the demand-supply issue. But I have received immense support from the management, which has helped me a great deal.

Prateek: What are some of the benefits of Audio-Visual Engineering for MSMEs?

Smesh Chittora: AV engineering plays a vital role in consultation, designing, integration, installation, and remote management. These primary elements of AV systems are important not only for an AV business but also for other businesses to manage their workflow seamlessly. It can help in providing scalability to MSMEs. They can focus on other tasks and rely on our engineering team for quick turnover of the projects. Our team builds the right infrastructure depending on the client’s needs. We provide a cost-efficient model where they can choose from different types of plans that suit their requirements and budgets.

Prateek: What is the scope of AV Engineering?

Smesh Chittora: The scope of AV engineering includes designing and engineering inputs for buildings using site surveys as a tool, evaluating and determining structures for strength or weaknesses for installation of AV equipment, supervising projects at all points, from inception (project kickoff) through completion (commissioning), and managing broadcast systems and communication devices.

Prateek: How can AV Engineering be of help to startups?

Smesh Chittora: AV engineering can help provide scalability. Instead of spending their energy on engineering-related jobs, startups can leave that to specialists like us and instead focus on their core activities.

Prateek: What segments does the company serve?

Smesh Chittora: Analytix serves customers in Corporate, Healthcare, Education, Special Infrastructure needs, and other segments. It also serves the MSME segment in the US market, including medium-sized business houses, infrastructure, healthcare, real estate firms as well manufacturing sector.

Prateek: What will be the dominating trends in the AV Engineering niche in the coming year?

Smesh Chittora: Wireless technology as people are moving away from hardware to software. For enterprises, people are adopting managed AV services. In the education sector, AV is trending and can be a useful tool. Strategy is a competitive game, which always evolves in response to competition. But the magnitude of the changes in the technological social and natural environment are such that corporate strategy will need to be qualitatively reinvented for new circumstances.

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