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ChatGPT is a language model that works on reinforcement machine learning methods – Pankit Chapla, CTO, Yudiz Solutions

Yudiz Solutions is an Ahemadabad-based digital transformation and technology services company providing tailored domain-specific IT solutions. They serve industries like Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, Pharma, Healthcare, Retail, e-commerce, Real Estate, Automobile, Media, Finance, etc. Yudiz has offices in India, Canada, UK, and Malta.

Below is a brief from a recent interaction between team fyi9.com and Pankit Chapla, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Yudiz Solutions. Pankit has answered questions about ChatGPT, the company, and the future ahead.

Prateek: What is ChatGPT?

Pankit Chapla: Imagine being able to get quick answers to your doubts and problems. A simple single answer without any unwanted options or influencing answers. That’s what ChatGPT does, it is a language model that works on reinforcement machine learning methods. Sure there are certain limitations as the application itself is in the learning stage, but when it comes to scalability it can surely perform numerous operations.

Prateek: How is ChatGPT different from Google search?

Pankit Chapla: Firstly, ChatGPT is a creation of Open AI which has a different approach to the set of information available to the public. The basic technical difference between ChatGPT and Google search is that ChatGPT is a chatbot and Google search is a search engine. When you ask questions to a chatbot you provide a definite amount of information but that’s not the same with Google search engine. ChatGPT approaches the question differently; it evaluates the needs and demands of the questionnaire in a better way and will provide well-punctuated answers and sometimes too perfect.

Prateek: How does technology transform businesses? What are the benefits and what are the challenges?

Pankit Chapla: 23% of companies have started to use chatbots. ChatGPT might be the key to revamping all those possibilities. As for business applications, one can utilize it for enhancing customer service and satisfaction, hyper-realistic tutoring, and better content creation. There are many other business applications yet to be discovered but gradually ChatGPT will find its flow.

Prateek: Will the technology threaten professionals like content creators, etc.?

Pankit Chapla: When you experiment with ChatGPT you will notice there is a specific limitation to the way it works. The task performed by the application is just too perfect and loses the human touch along the way. So, no it won’t snatch the jobs of content creators and working professionals, but they will instead have to opt for a collaborative approach. Creators and innovators can leverage the features and functionalities of ChatGPT to provide the very best solutions that are scalable and secure.

Prateek: What solutions does Yudiz plan to introduce leveraging the technology?

Pankit Chapla: So far we have thought we may utilize the application in improving our customer experience in numerous areas of services. Other than that, we will need to properly assess the pros and cons of the technology before fully implementing it. We have our own research wing and AI/ML experts who will evaluate each and every factor thoroughly and look at ways to improve our service. There is a big if and may we don’t want to rush to any sort of conclusion.

Prateek: What other solutions does Yudiz provide? Please share some details about the most popular solution.

Pankit Chapla: Yudiz is a digital transformation and technology services company with a presence in India, Canada, the UK, and Malta. Yudiz began in 2012 as a website development company, before gradually foraying into mobile application development, 2D/3D game development, windows development, IoT development, AR/VR development, AI/ML solutions, and blockchain development. It has also forayed into Metaverse and Web 3.0. Yudiz delivers a competitive edge in the form of robust, foresighted, and qualitative solutions for clients. It works in areas such as entertainment, travel & tourism, pharma, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, real estate, automobile, media, finance, and much more.

If we divide the stage of innovation into two current phases, firstly the year 2022 where we experienced a lot of breakthroughs. Blockchain technology and game development solutions have so far dominated the 2022 tech scene. Numerous countries leveraged both the solutions to revamp their financial economy. In the blockchain category a chief upgrade we saw was the introduction of CBDC. And in gaming technology we saw the rise of the esports scenario. It helped build an entire monetized ecosystem for creators and users.

The second phase will be the beginning of the learning phase for use cases of technologies such as AI/ML, Web 3.0, and IOT. 2023 is going to be the year of Hyper Automation and industry will research many core functionalities to derive formulas to automate it. Metaverse has been a center point of discussion since its launch and we will observe scaling innovations in that particular area.

Looking at the recent developments that are made in the industry we can say that the most popular and sustainable solutions are blockchain, gaming, AI/ML, Metaverse, IOT, and Web 3.0.


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