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Onspot’s platform helps companies monitor their goods in the global marketplace to avoid redundancies and errors in shipments

Onspot Solutions is a rapidly growing Saas-based digital cloud platform that specializes in offering technology solutions for the Pharma and FMCG sector. Their products and services revolve around anti-counterfeiting and product authentication systems, which work seamlessly with existing barcodes and packaging, while also providing a wide range of security solutions for each stage of the supply and distribution chain. What sets Onspot apart is its unique approach of being active at each stage of the product life cycle, providing check and risk assessments along the way to ensure 100% accuracy, making it India’s first dynamic real-time verification technology. Below is a snippet from a recent interaction with the CEO & Founder of Onspot Solutions, Mr. Lokesh Harjani, and team FYI9:

Prateek: Tell us about the journey of OnSpot Solutions, please.

Lokesh Harjani: In 2020, OnSpot Solutions entered the market intending to close the gap between manufacturers and their consumers by promising product authenticity and digitising every step of the supply chain to fuel well-informed decisions, the outcome of which may directly influence a brand’s overall growth. OnSpot Solutions is founded on unrivalled technology derived from years of in-depth research and development.

OnSpot has a passionate team of engineers and security experts who have achieved technological success at companies such as Google, Amazon, and Yahoo. With a Head office in Mumbai, a North Regional office in Noida, and an East Regional office in Kolkata, we now have a nationwide presence dedicated to increasing transparency in a brand’s supply chain. We work with clients in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, electrical hardware, automotive, oil and lubricants, cosmetics and personal care, and the spirits segment.

Prateek: How the smartphone-based solution simplifies the processes in supply chain management?

Lokesh Harjani: In our case, the Track & Trace Solution helps detect counterfeit products in the supply chain. It also brings real-time product visibility and digital shipment verification at each stage. It is a low-cost, straightforward, cloud-based solution that a smartphone can easily work with, truly empowering the consumer.

Prateek: Keeping in mind the increase in counterfeit products, how are your products changing the pharma & FMCG sector?

Lokesh Harjani: Onspot’s involvement with the pharmaceutical industry and the FMCG sector is fast growing when it comes to helping these firms and their brands deliver authentic products through the distribution chain and on to the retailer and end consumer. Onspot’s platform helps companies monitor their goods in the global marketplace to avoid redundancies and errors in shipments while looking for anything out of place in the line which could mean the introduction of spurious goods. Consumers get the benefit of being able to scan products for authenticity, warranties, and a host of other benefits depending on the products and brands they purchase.

Prateek: Tell us more about the features of the OnSpot Platform.

Lokesh Harjani: Onspot’s Cloud-based Digital Solution for Brand to Consumer Engagement allows a company to interact with its customers on multiple levels. By scanning the unique Onspot QR code on a product, a consumer can first check the brand’s authenticity and receive product information such as the manufactured date and MSRP, as well as other pertinent information. With a single touch, customers can provide feedback and even suggestions on a product. Depending on the product, brands can engage with customers to provide warranty certification, helpful tips or recipes, brand sustainability aspects and goals, and a variety of other industry-specific features, all. In contrast, the customer receives loyalty points and rewards.

Onspot provides brands with a bird’s-eye view of the supply and distribution chain, from the point of manufacture to intermediaries and, finally, to the point of sale. As scans occur at each stage of the chain, brands can identify any issues during the product’s lifecycle with each product individually coded. It also has smartphone compatibility.

Prateek: What will be the organization’s strategy for expansion in the coming years?

Lokesh Harjani: The future roadmap for OnSpot Solutions will include aggressive core product expansion, research and development, talent acquisition, and a comprehensive suite of products for all business segments, focusing on the Pharma, FMCG industries, electrical, and automotive (lubricants and spares) segments. The company anticipates significant growth in this active segment and is dedicated to bridging the brand-to-consumer gap. Onspot has gained traction through its salesforce deployed across India and through company-to-company references as market-leading brands unite in the fight against counterfeiting and consumer outreach. We have patents in India and abroad, and we were among the first to develop such technology.

Prateek: What is your USP that differentiates that from competitors?

Lokesh Harjani: OnSpot Solutions relies on unrivalled technology derived from years of thorough R&D to differentiate itself from the competition. Depending on the amount of tracking required, Onspot’s product authentication and anti-counterfeiting system works with existing barcodes and packaging, with minor modifications or additions such as QR codes and other types of overt and covert tracking measures. Our technology eliminates the need for a brand’s existing production method to undergo significant changes. The technology is based on a simple smartphone app that enables product verification anywhere along the supply chain. It also provides a flexible system that allows for individual customization and security enhancements in response to the threat posed by counterfeiters. To distinguish ourselves from our competitors, we constantly innovate our product and strive to provide the best service possible.

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