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Our presence in over 5 countries and 30 industries, as well as our service to over 300,000 people, make us the go-to option for all human resource needs – Haresh Awatramani, Beehive HR Solutions

Beehive HR Solutions is a fast-emerging leader in HR Tech, specializing in the development and implementation of workforce management solutions. With over six years of experience in the market, Beehive is committed to ensuring client success and continuously improving its technology, processes, and professional development. The company offers Cloud-based or On-premises HRMS software, providing comprehensive functionality to seamlessly execute HR activities. With a user base of over 300,000 and a presence in more than five countries and 30 sectors, Beehive serves as a one-stop shop for all HR requirements, bolstering management strategies across various verticals. Below is a transcript from a recent email interaction between the correspondent (FYI9) and Mr. Haresh Awatramani, Founder & CEO of Beehive HR Solutions where he has answered questions about his professional journey, organization, technology, and the future ahead.

Prateek: Can you tell us about your background and how it prepared you for your role as CEO of Beehive?

Haresh Awatramani: I completed my HR Analytics studies at IIM Rohtak and Computer Engineering at Swami Vivekananda Polytechnic. I worked in software and communications solutions for Motorola, Timeline Automation, and ITISL. Over my 20 years in the communications and technology industries, I have created software solutions for international and Indian clients. Had created multiple custom HR software for other organizations as well, My experience in the field and my love of blending technology into processes led to my journey at Beehive – An HRMS Software covering the entire life cycle of an employee from Recruitment to Retirement.

Prateek: How is Beehive using AI and ML to improve workforce analytics and support employee wellness programs, and what impact has this had on the workplace?

Haresh Awatramani: Our newest upgrade on the platform ‘NIRMANA’ embeds the most advanced management module with AI-powered series of products. ‘NIRMANA’, the performance management module, brings Business-centric OKRs and employee-centric performance management under one roof to unleash the full potential of every organization & get every employee on board with the company vision. The AI-powered intelligence improves everyday performance with powerfully personalized frameworks and frequency ranges supported by a talent lens that goes far beyond performance. The comprehensive suite enables the company to identify, reward, and retain high-performing employees and understand the minimum efficiency needed to balance the overall workflow. The platform highlights a new smart dashboard, a unified screen for all possible digital HR operations. The new tech upgrade can predict the future improvement of the employee’s performance with advanced accuracy. This shall also bring clarity as to what are the next steps for employee engagement and growth which will increase the company’s productivity. With clarity at working, this benefits employees’ emotional and mental well-being too.

Prateek: How does Beehive’s HRMS software differentiate itself from other HR tech solutions in the market, and what sets it apart?

Haresh Awatramani: Our feature-rich functionality HRMS software improves how organizations manage and engage their workforce to ensure corporate success by addressing every type of employer expectation. As a company that supports talent management, succession planning, employee engagement, lowering attrition, and fostering a positive workplace culture, we have a strong strategic position. We also assist businesses in preventing revenue leakage caused by incorrect calculations and maintaining transparency. Our presence in over 5 countries and 30 industries, as well as our service to over 300,000 people, make us the go-to option for all human resource needs.

Prateek: Can you discuss some of the biggest challenges facing HR technology today and how Beehive is addressing these challenges?

Haresh Awatramani: The current challenges with the companies that come out commonly are with hybrid working model which involves a lot of know-how on the work the employees are doing, the way their managers are managing that work. Knowledge about performance at short intervals of the employees rather than longer cycles and a lot of employee engagement activity which they wish to do to constantly know more about employee engagement with the company. Beehive is offering solutions in all of these areas with their time and task management, OKR solutions, and employee engagement solutions which allows the company to access lots of data to understand employee happiness and behavior.

Prateek: How does Beehive approach the expansion into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, and what are the key factors that you consider when entering new markets?

Haresh Awatramani: In terms of expansion plans for 2023, we are looking to enter the markets of Tier 2 & 3 cities and our approach is going through the partner network taking out product positioning to an entirely different level, we also plan to introduce new modules and products that provide more focus on the strategic aspect of HR tech as well as the transactional aspect that Beehive HRMS solutions already have. We are also introducing certain business models and offerings which will give clients a single integrated system cost-effectively in the OPEX model.

Prateek: What future trends do you see emerging in the HR tech industry, and how is Beehive preparing to stay ahead of the curve?

Haresh Awatramani: AI and machine learning will revolutionise the market. The increase in efficiency and accuracy provided by this technology is unprecedented, as is the ability to automate more than 50% of HR tasks, allowing HR professionals to reallocate their time to other critical areas. We at Beehive have kept up with the changing times and adapted quickly to such improvements in order to stay ahead of the competition. Our most recent products meet these industry standards while remaining extremely affordable.

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