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Budget 2023 Quotes by Industry Leaders (Workspace Provider)

Sanjay Chatrath, Managing Partner, Incuspaze

Sanjay Chatrath, Managing Partner, Incuspaze - fyi9
Sanjay Chatrath, Managing Partner, Incuspaze
“India delivered a pro-growth budget today with a significant push to capital expenditure to boost the MSME sector in India. Tax revisions announced in the budget are most welcome. The INR 9000 Cr credit guarantee scheme will assist MSMEs in taking tax benefits on expenses incurred to receive their payments. The government has had its ears to the ground and covered a vast gamut of businesses as it reduced the cost of credit to 1%. The newly established infrastructure finance secretariat will assist all stakeholders with more private investment. Investments in Infrastructure will have an enormous multiplier impact on growth and employment. After the subdued period of the pandemic, private investments are growing again. While the affordable housing sector was addressed in the budget, we would have liked to see a similar focus on commercial Infrastructure as well, given the industry’s setback during the pandemic.”

Arjun Gulati, Co-founder, EasyDesq

“As India enters its Amrit Kal, the government of India has propelled us into a year of economic pursuits with the Budget 2023. With the proposed changes, India will be among the fastest-growing major economies in 2023 and the coming years.”

“The budget, with its focus on startups and entrepreneurial ventures, has its sight set on furthering India’s position as the world’s 3rd largest startup ecosystem. This budget also takes Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a Digital India a step ahead by focusing on AI and IoT and increasing our digital prowess through innovative technologies.”

“Aligned with the G20 theme of “Vasudev Kutumbakam”, the budget has also promised the completion of 80 lakh houses under PM Awas Yojana (PMAY), for which the government has allotted Rs. 48,000 crores. The outlay of the PMAY is also being enhanced by 66 per cent to over Rs 79,000 crores. Additionally, homebuyers will get elbow room to purchase due to the extension of Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS). This move also addresses resolving the urban housing shortage among low and middle-income groups and promoting homeownership among women.”

“With a significant focus on the Saptrishi arena, this budget is highly growth-focused and is undoubtedly a step to tap India’s economic potential.”


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