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Best SSD drive brands to reduce the bootup time of your device

SSD or Solid-State Drive uses the latest technology to store data on a computer. It is slowly and steadily replacing the traditional mechanical hard disks, not just because of higher storage space, but due to a faster speed when it comes to reading and accessing data. It is reliable in extreme temperatures and shockproof. The SSDs use flash-based memory, which ensures fast throughputs and low read access time. This speed is measured in nanoseconds, where the SSDs can access the files stored in the different grids, using smart segregation of information. The SSD device can reduce the bootup time of any device by up to half, compared to traditional devices. It also improves the performance of Windows. Ideal for gaming and heavy-duty software like video editing, SSD decreases the bootup time and enables the user to go from the game menu to the game itself within nanoseconds. Mentioned below are the best-known names when it comes to SSDs that can reduce bootup time and are power savers as well.



ACER is a renowned name when it comes to a wide range of devices. This Taiwanese multinational brand is the leading producer of storage products too, with memory and storage solutions engineered especially for professionals, but works as effectively for home users too. Loaded with S.M.A.R.T and GC & TRIM features it is designed to support the system, and delivers data integrity using LDPC ECC technology. Acer offers a variety of SSDs namely- 2.5-inch SATA, M.2 SATA, and M.2 PCIe NVMe drives. The entry level SSD apt for home users is available in 2.5” SA100 SATA SSD with capacities between 120 GB to 1.92 TB. RE100, suitable for professionals, is available in 2.5” SATA and smaller M.2 form factor.


Intel - fyi9

INTEL is another name that is well known, so much so that most of the homes and offices have INTEL products. It offers SSDs catering to a wide variety of needs and customises itself according to the purpose. The recently introduced P5800X SSD is being hailed as the fastest ever SSD by the experts. INTEL products are reliable and are lapped up by customers due to better consistency, enhanced latency characteristics, and a performance that is predictable. With a focus on increasing sequential speeds, it is apt for professionals. Though the price is in the higher range, it is apt for big enterprise level customers or professionals.



WD or Western Digital is the go-to name when you are looking for Solid State Hard Drives ranging from 250 MB to 32 TB, which is unprecedented in this category. With innovation as their forte, they are the innovators of hard drive and have shown unbelievable success when it comes to 3D NAND technology. Zoned storage is their flagship offering, functioning on a unified software framework, enabling data to be placed intelligently and maximize storage capacity while lowering TCO and improving QoS.


Samsung - fyi9

This South Korean multinational conglomerate needs no introduction when it comes to electronic appliances as well as components. SSD is amongst their lesser-known products, but one that competes with the best-in-class. 970 Pro SSD is engineered to handle intensive work load as well as gaming SSD for unparalleled gaming experience. Terabyte SSDs are built for those who need an enhanced computing experience. Replete with Samsung SATA interface, Samsung SSDs deliver superior experience with never seen before speeds of data access and reading.


Crucial - fyi9

Built on superior Micron quality, Crucial SSDs promise and deliver superior performance. NVMe SSDs use the latest and fastest technology to ensure best performance. Crucial P5 and P2 offer speed and reliability, SATA SSDs are affordably priced and are excellent for everyday use for home PCs. Enabling a faster boot up, loading files quicker and increasing the overall system responsiveness, MX 500 and BX 500 SSDs are the best in category. External SSDs are the answer to people always on the move and who need a compact- high-performance storage device that is fast and smooth.


In conclusion, the rise of SSD or Solid-State Drives in the world of computing has revolutionized the way data is stored and accessed. These best SSD drive brands not only provide higher storage space but also offer faster access and transfer speeds compared to traditional mechanical hard disks. The SSDs are shockproof, reliable in extreme temperatures, and can reduce the bootup time of any device by up to half. With constant innovation and advancements in technology, SSDs are set to become the future of data storage, providing better performance and reliability for personal and professional use.


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