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Apple may release a software update to address display issues on the iPhone 14 Pro

Apple is reportedly investigating reports of horizontal lines appearing on the display screens of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, following complaints from users. The company is said to be looking into the issue to find a solution and potentially release a software update to address the problem.

Apple has acknowledged that some iPhone 14 Pro Max users have reported seeing yellow flashing horizontal lines on their display when turning on the device. The company has stated that it is working on an iOS update to fix the issue and will release it soon, according to MacRumors.

According to a memo, some iPhone 14 Pro users have reported seeing brief flashes of horizontal lines across the screen when they power on or unlock their device. The company is currently testing an iOS update, 16.3, with developers and members of the public beta program to address the issue. However, it is expected that the update will not be released for a few more weeks.

According to the report, it is likely that Apple will release iOS 16.2.1 to address the display issues and other bugs being experienced by iPhone 14 Pro users. Additionally, the company is reportedly planning to decrease its reliance on external suppliers such as Samsung and LG for displays, and instead implement the use of self-designed, in-house panels for their products such as the iPhone and Apple Watch.

According to reports, Apple plans to decrease its dependency on external suppliers for displays by incorporating advanced self-designed microLED displays into its products. The company’s first move in this direction will be the use of microLED on the Apple Watch Ultra, expected to be released in late 2024. However, it’s also planning to expand the use of these displays to other devices such as the iPhone. While the microLED displays may be manufactured by external suppliers, they will be designed and engineered by Apple to meet its specific requirements.


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