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Analytics-driven solution providers in India

Data analytics is the buzzword right now, as it becomes the most useful tool for global businesses. To simplify, a data analytics company simply collects all data related to the area of interest and processes it using techniques that have automated mechanical processes and algorithms. When processed, this raw data can be used to analyze consumer behavior trends, human preferences, and how a trend progresses over time. During Covid times, data analysis enabled researchers to understand the trajectory of the virus, and could safely predict the peak and lows. This enabled humans to fight the virus in a much better way. Likewise, data analytics companies study the sales patterns, consumer preference for a particular product as well as peak business time, which enables entrepreneurs to strategize and maximize sales. If you own a business, here are some top-notch analytics-driven solution providers in India.

Accenture Analytics

Accenture is a renowned name when it comes to data analytics. Known for identifying use cases and delivering to ensure business growth by creating analytics solutions, it serves the best talent and technology. It uses data to leverage performance, resilience as well as growth in the future. Accenture Analytics uses data transformation, AI solutions, search and content analytics, AIP+, Accenture SynOps, and business process services.


Founded in 2005, Payoda is known for its cutting-edge technology, engineering practices, along with human-centric approach. AppViewX, one of its flagship developments is a web application that can manage the data center centrally, dealing with multiple vendors and servers and providing unified solutions. Having served over 100 entities, including an eGovernance project in India, Payoda is definitely a notable name in the space. Major services provided by it include- Experience design, advanced analytics, product engineering, robotic process automation, and the Internet of Things, which is a trendsetter right now and also set to be the future of the industry.


This AI-based data analytics company, headquartered in Gurugram helps the clients to understand their data and makes smart decisions based on it to steer the company towards success. It caters to all sorts of industries like banking and insurance, retail and e-commerce, telecom and network, travel and hospitality, agritech as well as media. With exclusive data on each company, it analyses the trends of the industry as well, co-relates, and then helps the business owners to make informed decisions.


Acquired by leading data and digital media giant- MightyHive in 2021, it has become the best-known global data analytics agency. It enables marketers to implement intelligent data-driven marketing strategies and improves the customer journey. Banking upon its supremely talented team of marketing data specialists, it offers solutions for everything that is there on the web.
Crayon Data

This Singapore-based fast-growing data company uses AI to simplify the data and enables better decision-making. It was founded in 2012 and developed its own data-based recommendation engine called Maya, providing highly personalized choices to customers after analyzing the data. With the capability to map millions of people, this engine can collect and store data from varied sources, collect it at one place and come up with unique solutions to pump up the business after the analysis.


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